Hi, I’m Kuu. I'm a product design manager based in Chicago.

I collaborate across product, engineering, and design to create digital products that provide business value for our customers.


Since joining ActiveCampaign in April 2018, I’ve worked across our suite of mobile apps, our Chrome Extension and platform onboarding and education.

Most recently I've stepped into a management role, supporting the fine folks that design products for our mobile apps, plugin tools, app ecosystem, ecommerce experiences, and design systems.

Oh, and I'm hiring! Reach out if you'd like to learn more about ActiveCampaign.


Prior to ActiveCampaign I helped improve how enterprise customers source for candidates at Yello. At Stridekick (formerly Matchup.io) I designed mobile and web apps for customers that competed in cross-device step challenges. I had my first exposure to product design while working at Vodori when I was given the opportunity to design for Pepper Folio, an iPad app for mobile sales enablement.


I've participated as a mentor at Flatiron (formerly Designation) since 2015. I meet with students 1-on-1 to review their portfolios and to provide guidance as they navigate landing their first design job. This past November I worked with the Flatiron team to host a cohort of students for a tour and Q&A panel at ActiveCampaign.

Design snacks

My portfolio is available upon request.